My current position is Research Fellow in the Engineering and Computing Faculty at Coventry University, England, where I work within Cogent Labs. I received a BSc (Hons) in Network Computing in 2006 and a PhD for research titled “Body Sensor Networks for Health Monitoring: A Safety Critical Mission Application” in 2010, looking at the use of advanced sensing technologies to monitor wearers of heavy protective clothing (such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal operatives).

My research interests range from human thermal comfort monitoring/control to behavioural change detection to monitoring of industrial equipment, with a focus on predictive control and data/transmission reduction algorithms. My research is both applied and multi-disciplinary, showing the importance of the work through demonstrators and practical results.

Currently, I work on the 7th European Framework Programme Project “Sensors Towards Advanced Control and Monitoring of Gas Turbine Engines (STARGATE)”, where I investigate techniques for efficient and intelligent data transfer for wireless-enabled sensors deployed on gas turbine engines. Previously I have worked on projects funded by Jaguar Land Rover, Advantage West Midlands/the European Regional Development Fund, NP Aerospace (Coventry), and the IeMRC (supported by the EPSRC).