Research career


I received a BSc (Hons) in Network Computing from Coventry University, England in 2006 and a PhD for research titled “Body Sensor Networks for Health Monitoring: A Safety Critical Mission Application” in 2010, looking at the use of advanced sensing technologies to monitor wearers of heavy protective clothing (such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal operatives). Until 2016 I worked as a Research Assistant and then Research Fellow in the Engineering and Computing Faculty at Coventry University, within Cogent Labs.

A list of my academic publications can be found here.

My research interests ranged from human thermal comfort monitoring/control to behavioural change detection to monitoring of industrial equipment, with a focus on predictive control and data/transmission reduction algorithms. My research was both applied and multi-disciplinary, showing the importance of the work through demonstrators and practical results.

The last project I worked on with Cogent Labs was the 7th European Framework Programme Project “Sensors Towards Advanced Control and Monitoring of Gas Turbine Engines (STARGATE)”, where I investigated techniques for efficient and intelligent data transfer for wireless-enabled sensors deployed on gas turbine engines. Previously I worked on projects funded by Jaguar Land Rover, Advantage West Midlands/the European Regional Development Fund, NP Aerospace (Coventry), and the IeMRC (supported by the EPSRC).

A list of the projects I worked on can be found here.


Research Fellow
Feb 2014 – Mar 2016
Cogent Labs, Coventry University

Research Assistant
August 2010 – Feb 2014
Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre, Coventry University

2006 – 2010
Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre, Coventry University

BSc (Hons) Network Computing
2003 – 2006
Coventry University